I’ve learned that people become sweeter, eating sweets. I don’t want to make you prove the adage by overdoing it, but it’s true that bitterness never endeared. In the picture, it looks like I want to eat all those sweets. Actually, I only want to share them with you. To prove it, this wonderful recipe is my gift and something you can prepare at home and surprise family and friends:


20 egg yolks

2 egg whites

1 kg sugar


Place the sugar over the heat (a copper pan was used in the old days) with 3 dl of water until it turns into a light syrup (103 ° C). Have ready yolks passed through a fine sieve. Add the egg whites without whisking too much, just to ensure that the yolks bind with the whites. Remove the pan from the heat and place a portion of the yolks and whites in the centre (use a coffee cup as a measure). Return the pan to the heat and once the eggs are consistent and form a layer, remove them with a slotted spoon and place them on a sieve to drain. Repeat this operation until you’ve used all the egg mixture. Make sure the sugar doesn’t get too solid by splashing it with a few drops of water. To make the trouxas, put two layers on top of each other, shinier side up. Trim them with a knife into squares. Put the trimmings in the centre of the layers, roll them up and put them on a platter. Finally, drizzle them with the syrup.

Trouxas-de-ovos were originally made in the country’s convents, and in certain towns, like Amarante, Caldas da Rainha and Beja, they are considered emblematic of the region’s sweets  

Bon Appétit! Merry Christmas! Oh! Don’t forget to choose a good fortified wine to enjoy with them.

© Virgílio Nogueiro Gomes